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Evening all,

I have been thinking about where to take this illustrious :groups: over the past few weeks. I'm pretty keen to get it up to Super Group status again and push some more drastic design changes.

Do any of you have thoughts or ideas for improving the design, galleries or layout of the group?

And... go!
What army/model/piece of terrain are you currently working?

I am continuing my quest to build a humorous, kooky and interesting Rogue Trader army! Specifically an original Dragonogre, the Chaos Dwarf Master of Madness, Jules le Jongleur, a 1990's Mummy, a Fimir Champion and an Elector Count on a giant chicken :B

So what are you up to?

Well we are getting towards the end of 2015, this year has been absolutely chaotic for me. I moved to a different country, got a more stressful job, have less free time and I'm currently going through a bout of illness due to stress. But I feel like I have turned a bit of a corner and I have been able to concentrate on a few models and odds and ends, which has really helped me to relax and chill out.

To that end I'd like to ask you all a question, how do you think models, painting and wargaming have helped you in your life?
Hi all, hope it's going well for you!

We have just hit 2,000 Members, which I think is pretty awesome :B So thank you very much to everyone that has been a part of this group over the last half a decade yes that's right HALF A DECADE! WTF! I guess time flies when you are having fun!

So in that age old tradition of hitting a landmark number here are some group statistics that you might find interesting.

:bulletgreen: We currently have 2,002 Members
:bulletgreen: We currently have 3,477 Watchers
:bulletgreen: We currently have 86,600 Pageviews
:bulletgreen: We average 43.4 views a day
:bulletgreen: We have been around for 1,997 days
:bulletgreen: We have 1 full folder the original Warhammer 40,000 Miniatures folder
:bulletgreen: We average 8 submissions a day
:bulletgreen: We have a team of 16 admin staff

Have a great weekend and keep painting, photographing and wargaming!

Should we create a new folder for the Age of Sigmar models?

Or simply keep the new models in with the old school Warhammer folder?

Input appreciated! :)


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